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Christina Ricci is starring “Wednesday”!

The most iconic Wednesday Addams in popular culture – so far – is back to The Addams Family in a secret role.

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The Netflix series “Wednesday” directed by Tim Burton has just become an even more interesting project. Christina Ricci, who incarnated Wednesday Addams in two movies in the 90s, is back to The Addams Family’s universe in an undisclosed role.

Production is keeping her character under wraps but she won’t be an older version of Jenna Ortega‘s title role. There are rumors she was brought to replace Thora Birch, who exited amid production in Romania due to family illness.

Previously, representatives said that Tamara Novak (Birch’s part) wouldn’t be recast and that Ricci has a similar function on the script: Wednesday’s dorm mother and the only “Normie” on staff at Nevermore Academy with a focus on all things botanical.

The presence of Christina Ricci was just announced, but she has worked on the series for weeks.

Wednesday“, created by Al Gough and Miles Millar, will finish the filming at the end of this month.

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