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“Wednesday” is a clever new interpretation of “The Addams Family”

Producer Gail Berman talks about the upcoming series.

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Gail Berman is one of Hollywood’s most prolific and talented producers. In a recent interview for Variety, she spoke about one of her upcoming projects, including “Wednesday.”

All the props go to [creators] Al Gough and Miles Millar. It’s their baby with Tim Burton. It’s a modern telling of the story, it’s a clever new interpretation. You haven’t seen this before. I love “The Addams Family,” I always thought it was an amazing, underutilized brand. I met with Kevin Mizracki a long, long time ago. The rights had become available and we took a leap. I had a deal at the time with MGM for television, and they got on board right away for an animated feature. It’s been a wonderful partnership, and ‘Wednesday” was an outgrow from that.

“Wednesday” will come out on Netflix the next fall.

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