“Wednesday” is a clever new interpretation of “The Addams Family”

Producer Gail Berman talks about the upcoming series.

Al Gough, Gail Berman, Kevin Mizracki, Miles Millar, Tim Burton, Wednesday

Gail Berman is one of Hollywood’s most prolific and talented producers. In a recent interview for Variety, she spoke about one of her upcoming projects, including “Wednesday.”

All the props go to [creators] Al Gough and Miles Millar. It’s their baby with Tim Burton. It’s a modern telling of the story, it’s a clever new interpretation. You haven’t seen this before. I love “The Addams Family,” I always thought it was an amazing, underutilized brand. I met with Kevin Mizracki a long, long time ago. The rights had become available and we took a leap. I had a deal at the time with MGM for television, and they got on board right away for an animated feature. It’s been a wonderful partnership, and ‘Wednesday” was an outgrow from that.

“Wednesday” will come out on Netflix the next fall.

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